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Sunny hours between the Alps and the Adriatic.
Summer holidays in Carinthia have a long tradition. Gently experiencing nature, discovering the many lakes and mountains and the culinary pleasures were all an unforgettable experience way back when holidays were still synonymous with “summer freshness”. So it’s not unusual for today’s guests in search of relaxation to turn out to be those same kids who were hungry for holidays way back then. Faded memories give way to intensely coloured, authentic images of the most southerly province of Austria that you can take home with you. For yourself and for the next generation.

A sea of lakes in the midst of the Alps.
Summer in Carinthia is blue or turquoise up close, gentle to dark green a bit further away, and light grey in the distance: That’s what the view of the landscape of lakes looks like in Austria’s sunny south.

Firmly in the saddle.
Pleasure cyclists, racing machines and mountain bikers can all shake a leg here: Carinthia offers a wide variety of routes past lakes and rivers, mountains and hills or across hill and dale − alone, with likeminded people or with the whole family.

Heaven for hikers.
Carinthia can do it all. This friendly bit of the country is an all-rounder for every hiking lover: from soft hikes for families via appealing tours for motivated hikers right through to physical challenges for those who really want to feel the effort.
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